Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PDP-5080HD and PRO-1150HD

The PDP-5080HD and the PRO-1150HD are 50" plasma displays that have a 1365x768 panel resolution. This makes them 720p versions of the PDP-5010FD and PRO-110FD Kuros. They cost about $2000 less and are about 10 pounds lighter. There is also a PDP-4280HD model which is a 42" version of the PDP-5080HD.

While 720p is half the resolution of 1080p (1 MP vs. 2 MP) a viewing distance of about 6 feet is required to be able to discern this difference. Most people don't sit this close, so having a lower resolution isn't a factor at normal viewing distances which made these Kuro's excellent bargains. Unfortunately this logic was lost on the general consumer space where marketing and 1080p specsmanship reigned supreme.

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