Wednesday, October 22, 2008

vs. 9G

Kuro means "black" in Japanese. The first generation Kuro (8G panels) were released in the fall of 2007. Six months later the second generation Kuro (9G) were released. The new 9G plasmas have 5x deeper blacks, cost $1000 less, and have a number of minor changes. See this comparison report over at Kuro 9G for a complete list of the differences:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PDP-5080HD and PRO-1150HD

The PDP-5080HD and the PRO-1150HD are 50" plasma displays that have a 1365x768 panel resolution. This makes them 720p versions of the PDP-5010FD and PRO-110FD Kuros. They cost about $2000 less and are about 10 pounds lighter. There is also a PDP-4280HD model which is a 42" version of the PDP-5080HD.

While 720p is half the resolution of 1080p (1 MP vs. 2 MP) a viewing distance of about 6 feet is required to be able to discern this difference. Most people don't sit this close, so having a lower resolution isn't a factor at normal viewing distances which made these Kuro's excellent bargains. Unfortunately this logic was lost on the general consumer space where marketing and 1080p specsmanship reigned supreme.